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Our services consist of

Rest assured knowing you have chosen the best.
Drywall and Plaster
Commercial and Residential

Quality matters.

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Painting and Drywall

Tile missing in the bathrooms? Holes left in the walls and ceilings? We can help! Same-day full-unit painting available as well as any specialty work the unit requires.


Janitorial Services

In today’s new fast-paced market, curb appeal matters. Know that we value your investment as much as you do. Our attentive janitorial staff can rapidly handle any special request, ensuring your property consistently remains immaculate.

Commercial and Residential
Common area cleaning tailored to our clients' specific needs.
Commercial and Residential


Turnover Cleaning

Let us help you get your units ready for the next tenant in a time efficient manner. Our professional staff has been trained to look for the smallest details. Small box under photo: Cleaning done right the first time.


Carpet Cleaning

From apartment units to commercial hallways, rest assured we can handle all your carpet needs.

Commercial and Residential

No stain is too difficult.


Disinfection Services

All of our disinfectant products are EPA-approved to eliminate the COVID-19 virus. We also offer electrostatic disinfectant spray for surfaces as well as UVC light disinfection for airborne viruses. 

Commercial and Residential
DCS truly offers a one-of-a-kind disinfection service.


Punch-out Services

We handle all basic maintenance in each unit. All of our technicians have previous maintenance experience, allowing us to go above to ensure your new resident’s highest satisfaction. We will ensure that every part of each unit is ready for the next resident to enjoy.

Commercial and Residential

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Experience the DCS difference.

Our professional staff has been trained to look for the smallest details to do your cleaning services right the first time.

One-stop shop for all services

Cost savings by working with one vendor

COVID-19 safety protocols

The best products to ensure maximum cleanliness

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Commercial and Residential



We save you valuable time so you can focus on your residents’ needs.